Liya Kebede: Advocate for Maternal Health

Today, supermodel, actress, and mother Liya Kebede posted to the Huffington Post about, "We Need a Global Fund for Moms."

A First Lady Speaks Out on Maternal Health

Earlier this month, Sia Nyama Koroma, First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone, wrote an article on Huffington Post titled, "It's Time to Make Mothers a Priority."

Getting the Conversation Started—Invest in Women

Our very own Jill Sheffield has posted on Conversations for a Better World as a "conversation starter." In her blog post, she writes:

Barriers to Maternal Health in Peru

Amnesty International just uploaded this video. Watch it and then read this article on about pregnancy and childbirth in Peru.

Was the G8 Summit a Success?

Last year, at the G8 in Japan, the leaders of the world paid attention to maternal health. They recognized that saving women’s lives was a great investment in the social and economic well-being of the world.

Op Ed on Maternal Mortality in Developing Countries

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama's visit to Africa this weekend "will send a powerful message to the world about their commitment to ensuring Africa's continued progress," wrote Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) in an opinion piece in">The Hill.

Budget Analysis and Maternal Mortality

The International Initiative on Maternal Mortality and Human Rights (IIMMHR) just released a publication called "The Missing Link: Applied Budget Work as a Tool to Hold Governments Accountable for Maternal Mortality Reduction Commitments."

Barriers to Ending Maternal Deaths

Just when you think you've got it all figured out! We just found an article from about doctors in Ghana who have had to halt special prenatal home visits because road crash casualties are taking up so much of their time and scarce resources, medical workers say.

Maternal Health is a Human Right

In a fantastic op-ed in the Boston Globe, Mary Robinson and Alicia Yamin, advisory council members of the International Initiative on Maternal Mortality and Human Rights, discuss the issue of preventable maternal deaths as a violation of women's rights.

Progress on Health-Related MDGs

The Millennium Development Goals were set with the target deadline of 2015. We probably don't have to tell you -- we are not even close. In fact, MDG 5 (reduce maternal mortality) is the most off-track of all the MDGs, as stated by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

New Report on Maternal Morbidity

Maternal morbidity is an issue that sometimes gets left off the table when it comes to discussing and advocating for maternal health.

Mother’s Day Around the World

Sunday, May 10, 2009, is International Mother’s Day. While it is a time to honor our own mothers, this day should also remind us of the 500,000 women who die every year from complications due to pregnancy and childbirth, and spur us to take action.

Maternal Mortality and Human Rights

Check out the new website of the International Initiative on Maternal Mortality and Human Rights (IIMMHR).

Leadership for Health: Looking Back

Last week’s amazing meeting of some of Africa’s most conscientious First Ladies showed that the momentum we felt take hold at the Women Deliver conference in 2007 — the awareness and concern about the grim challenges that too many mothers confront when attempting to give life — is gaining strength.

Expanding Access to Plan B

Last week the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that it will clear the way for Plan B’s manufacturers’ to make the “morning-after pill” available without a prescription to 17-year-olds.

Leadership for Health: The Grand Gala

Last night was the gala organized by US Doctors for Africa. Nineteen First Ladies were there, or were represented, along with celebrities like Sharon Stone, Danny Glover, and even Paris Hilton. It was a terrific start to a 5 year effort by US Doctors for Africa and African Synergy.

Leadership for Health: Speech from Jill Sheffield

The following is the speech Jill Sheffield prepared for the African First Ladies Health Summit in Los Angeles (a portion of this written speech was delivered).

Leadership for Health: What it Means to Be a First Lady

Yesterday, the Leadership for Health: African First Ladies Health Summit kicked off to an amazing start. Maria Shriver gave a welcome speech to the participants of the meeting (over 300 people!) that was absolutely fantastic.

Leadership for Health: What to Tackle First?

The First Ladies know the daunting tasks ahead of them: today one said so poignantly, “Illness has taken Africa hostage.” One delegate reminded us of the devastating toll that AIDS is taking on their economies; she described how AIDS is a multiplier of poverty, orphaning more children, killing more mothers, and reducing families to rubble.

Leadership for Health: Speech from Sarah Brown

The following is the keynote address Sarah Brown delivered to the African First Ladies Health Summit today in Los Angeles, organized by USDFA and African Synergy. (Originally posted on HuffingtonPost)

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