Women Deliver Partners with Family of Woman Film Festival

Originally posted by the Family of Woman Film Festival

OCTOBER 8, 2014—The 8th annual Family of Woman Film festival will take place Thursday, Feb. 26, to Sunday, March 1, 2015, at The Sun Valley Opera House, preceded by The Bonni Curran Memorial Lecture for the Health and Dignity of Women on Tuesday, Feb. 24. The theme for the 2015 Festival will be “Women and Their Dreams.” This carefully curated presentation of an international collection of films about exceptional women and girls who have taken control of their destinies will be followed by discussions with filmmakers and subjects of the films. Read more...

A Teen Girl’s Secret to Finding Real Power? Fix Something That’s Broken

By: Denise Restauri; Originally posted on Forbes

Elba Graciela Velásquez Hernández is a 16-year-old indigenous girl activist from Guatemala. The oldest of six children and proud daughter of Dario and Olivia, Elba is from Concepción Chiquirichapa, a small Maya Mam community in the country’s Western Highlands. She plans on studying law and becoming a lawyer and journalist. Her dream for the future is a world with better opportunities for adolescent girls, one where girls become respected leaders in their communities. Elba is a leader in Let Girls Lead’s girls’ empowerment program and a star of the upcoming short film ¡PODER!, which tells the story of how she and her friends convinced their town to stop discriminating against girls and start supporting girls’ education, health, and empowerment. The word poder has a double meaning, both “power” and “ability.” Read more...

First the Mayor, then the World– The Power of Telling Stories

By: Juany Garcia Perez and Emily Teitsworth; Originally posted on The Guardian

How did 15 adolescent girls transform a community of over 26,000 people and a nation of 14 million? They started by simply sharing their stories. Many of us who work in international development are suspicious of interventions that are not exclusively data-driven, preferring quantitative analysis to the subjective nature of storytelling. However, when advocating with government decision-makers, a compelling story is often a more effective tool than a spreadsheet or a report. Read more...

Keeping My Soul Right: Making Global Health Films on Women and Girls

By: Lisa Russell; Originally posted on Huffington Post

"Why do you always make bad films about Africa?"

As a Western documentary filmmaker who has traveled over 25 times to the African continent, I have been asked this question a lot, mostly by my African friends. And while I try to justify my work by elaborating on my "pure" intentions and my heartfelt efforts to retain the dignity of the people I film in my story, the reality is, making films about women and girls in Africa, as a non-African, usually means focusing my camera on the suffering, the struggles and the challenges facing African people. Read more...

Bringing Films and Their ‘Extended Families’ to the 2013 Women Deliver Cinema Corner

By: Lisa Russell; Originally posted on Huffington Post

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. While attending this year's CSW (Commission on the Status of Women) at the UN these past two weeks, there's one message that's very clear -- words are an incredibly important element of pushing forth the maternal and reproductive health agenda. And that's why its been so exciting to curate the 2013 Women Deliver Cinema Corner, bringing imagery, stories and advocacy together for the betterment of women and girls worldwide. Read more...

Upcoming Films Focusing on Girls and Women

By: Harshi Hettige

Look out for important and informative films about girls and in the upcoming months. Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide is a four-hour broadcast event airing on PBS in October, focusing on the links between sex trafficking and forced prostitution, gender-based violence, maternal mortality, and most importantly, how women are fighting for change. Girl Rising, coming in Spring 2013, spotlights ten adolescent girls’ powerful stories from ten developing countries, written by ten talented writers and narrated by ten actresses. It’s a Girl is screening globally starting in Spring 2013, delving into the “gendercide” that has led to 200 million girls “missing” in the world today. Click to watch the trailers and read more...


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