MenCare - Updates on the Global Fatherhood Campaign to Support Men’s Roles as Fathers

By: MenCare Coordinators, Jane Kato (Promundo) and Wessel Van den Berg (Sonke)

If the world is to advance on gender equality, and if men – as individuals and collectively – are to be seen as taking gender equality seriously, men must take on their fair share of the costs, time and care work required in daily life. This will also allow men to more fully experience the benefits of having close, non-violent and caring relationships with others. Campaigns are one way to begin to break with rigid gender norms and expectations. Read more...

MenCare - Marcio's Story from Promundo on Vimeo.

Celebrate Solutions: Engaging Men As Partners To Change Gender-based Inequity In Health

By: Mariko Rasmussen, Communications Specialist at Women Deliver

Gender can influence men’s and women’s health in profound ways; social expectations of what men and women should and should not do can directly affect attitudes and behaviors related to a wide variety of health issues. Often, it is men who decide the frequency and timing of sexual activity and whether or not to use contraceptives, sometimes through coercion or violence. Gender-based violence can contribute to the spread of HIV and sexually-transmitted infections (STIs), and lead to poor reproductive health outcomes for women. And because of women’s low status in many societies, maternal health services are not prioritized. Empowering women is a critical step to turning this around, but efforts cannot end there: men must also be actively engaged as partners in change. Read more... 


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