Zimbabwe: Let Girls be Girls, Not Brides

By: Katja Iversen, CEO, Women Deliver and Yemurai Nyoni, Founder of the Rising Birds Project and Women Deliver Young Leader; Originally posted by AllAfrica

Tecla, a young Zimbabwean girl, was sold for a few cows by her father to help alleviate the family's poverty. She was raped by her husband, became pregnant and contracted HIV. Her baby died soon after birth. Tecla was only 12-years-old. At an age when she should have been in school learning and dreaming, Tecla became a child bride. Read more...

11 Days of Action for International Day of the Girl Child

Adolescence is a critical time in a girl’s life, when choices and opportunities define the present and future of the world. While half of the world’s population is under 30, mostly living in developing countries, young people – specifically young women – face barriers to realizing their rights and full potential. From child marriage and unintended pregnancy to lack of education and exposure to violence, girls are often compromised from a safe and healthy transition from childhood to adulthood. Read more...

2013: A Year of Delivering for Girls and Women

As we near the end of 2013, it’s time to look back on the incredible accomplishments of the past year to drive progress for girls and women. From Women’s Deliver’s biggest and brightest global conference to-date to significant progress made in increasing access to family planning and in developing a new global framework that priorities girls and women, this year has been monumental. Advocates from around the world and across sectors joined together to evaluate current and past efforts, analyze lessons learned, and look towards a brighter future. Read more...

Blog Action Day: Girls’ and Women’s Rights are Human Rights

By: Joanna Hoffman, Women Deliver

Today is Blog Action Day, bringing together bloggers from different countries, interests and languages together to talk about one important global issue. This year’s topic is human rights, one which is at the core of sexual and reproductive health and rights. At Women Deliver, we firmly believe that what we call “women’s issues” are issues that matter to all humans, and that girls’ and women’s rights should be advocated for as human rights. Read more...

Celebrating Catapult’s First Year: $3 Million Raised for Girls

Today, on the International Day of the Girl, we also celebrate the first year of the first-ever crowdfunding platform for girls and women, Catapult. In just one year, Catapult has raised $3 million for 207 projects beneiffting girls in 59 different countries. The top themes for these projects include education and training, advocacy and health. Take a look at the infographic below to learn more, and join us in congratulating Catapult! Read more...

The Right to Be a Girl: Moving From Rhetoric to Reality

By: Purnima Mane, Pathfinder International; Originally posted on Huffington Post

2013 has been an exciting year for girls. The rallying cry for girls' education, ending early marriage and pregnancies, and preventing gender-based violence is resonating with a more global and diverse audience than ever before. In May, the global health community convened at the Women Deliver conference around the central message that investing in women and girls is not only an important investment, but a smart one.In July, Malala—the Pakistani schoolgirl who was shot by the Taliban for attending classes—addressed the United Nations with an impassioned call to action in support of girls' education, "Let us pick up our books and our pens. They are our most powerful weapons." Read more...

On the International Day of the Girl, a Reminder to Let Girls Lead

By: Joanna Hoffman, Women Deliver

Today marks the second-ever International Day of the Girl, a call to action for the rights of girls worldwide. This year’s theme, “Innovating for Girls’ Education”, is representative of current global development needs, all of which center around girls’ access to education. When girls are educated, they are less likely to become child brides, less likely to die during pregnancy or childbirth, less likely to be infected with HIV, and more likely to have healthy children and long, empowered lives. Simply put, educating girls is a win for the entire world. Read more...

Women Deliver Joins Calls for Action to End Child Marriage Globally

As the world celebrates the first International Day of the Girl Child, Women Deliver Launches Catapult Crowdfunding Platform

  • United Nations chooses child marriage as theme for International Day of the Girl Child
  • Activities planned around the world to highlight urgent need for action
  • Women Deliver launches Catapult – the first online funding platform solely dedicated to advancing the lives of girls and women.

On the inaugural International Day of the Girl Child, Women Deliver calls for urgent action to address child marriage worldwide. Every day globally, 25,000 girls are robbed of their childhood.  Read more...


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