World Economic Forum Event on Investing in Girls

This week, approximately 2,500 global leaders, key decision-makers, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and youth from around the globe have gathered in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. Over the next few days, participants will discuss this year’s theme, The Reshaping of the World: Consequences for Society, Politics and Business. The meeting presents a tremendous opportunity to shape global policy through advocacy events, such as the United Nations Secretary-General's MDG Advocacy Group event Scaling Up Success: Investing in Girls’ Empowerment for MDG Acceleration.

This event will be a moderated luncheon session on Thursday, January 23rd, and will aim to accelerate progress on the MDGs focusing on investments in girls as key to success. Participants include the UN Secretary-General, UN Deputy Secretary-General, MDG Advocates, young girl advocates and the private sector. The Secretary-General’s initiatives such as Every Woman Every Child (EWEC) and the Global Education First Initiative (GEFI) will be highlighted. Participants will also discuss how to advance traditional philanthropy and business engagement in the direction of smart targeted investments and creative partnerships to mobilize new commitments and scale up successful initiatives for girls.

The social media campaign for the event under the hashtag #investingirls, aims to raise awareness about the long-term positive impact of girls’ empowerment for society.  The main goal is to reinforce commitments and actions by business leaders and key policy makers for investing in education and health for girls.

Please view and share the infographic and factographs below, and tweet #investingirls to show your support!


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