Why Investing in Women is a Smart Choice

This week, Akimbo, the blog for the International Women's Health Coalition, published a 3-part series on the importance of investing in women taken from a speech given at the 20th World Population Day in Abuja, Nigeria.

Part one of the series talks about the economic crisis and the impact it has on women.

Women tend to be hit hard by economic recession because women are most often in temporary and insecure employment.  These jobs are usually the first to go in tough times.  Women who are not employed depend on their partners.

Part two talks about how investments in girls and women help rebuild the global economy.

In Women Empowered: Inspiring Change in the Emerging World, former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright cites the economic benefits of investing in women, pointing out that women reinvest 90% of their income in their families and communities, compared only 30% to 40% for men.

Finally, part three talks about what we need to do to make real progress.

To imagine a Boeing 747 crashing weekly and governments doing nothing about it is out of this world, but that is the equivalent of number of women that die weekly as a result of pregnancy related causes...  We must invest in women and girls as a matter of right.  It is the right of women and girls to have access to and benefit from resources, services, opportunities, and rewards required for them to self actualize.

To sum it all up, as we say at Women Deliver -- Invest in women, it pays!

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