Who Do You Think Delivers for Women?


As we approach the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day (8 March 2011), we want to put a spotlight on the "Women Deliver 100: the most inspiring individuals delivering for women." Thanks to all your suggetions, and nominations from experts around the globe, the Women Deliver 100 have been selected. Please check back on March 2, 2011 when we will officially release the names of all the amazing and inspiring individuals who are delivering for women.

About the list: The Women Deliver 100 list will be released with the goal of putting a spotlight on the visionaries – men and women, young and old – who are working to improve the lives of girls and women through education, health, economics, human rights, political leadership or otherwise. As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day, we want to applaud the work of both major leaders on women’s issues and on-the-ground individuals and advocates who have not yet received much global recognition for their work. 

About International Women's Day: International Women's Day (IWD) was first declared in 1910 with the first IWD event held in 1911. This year marks 100 years of International Women's Day having been celebrated around the world. The International Women's Day Centenary should make the women of past proud, the women of current inspired, and the women of the future envisioned. Women have made great strides in equality yet there is still a great deal to be achieved on many fronts, especially in improving maternal health around the world. Women deliver enormous social and economic benefits for their families, communities, and nation, yet too many women are dying in pregnancy and childbirth every day. What we believe: Invest in women -- it pays!

We are no longer accepting suggestions or nominations, but please visit the Women Deliver website on 2 March 2011 to read about the honorees and their amazing work.

Entry Comments

  1. Still more works is needed

  2. I think midwife Rachel Zaslow should be considered. She works with traditional birth attendants to run a birth clinic for formerly abducted girls, internally displaced and refugee women in Northern Uganda.

  3. Nobel Peace Prize laureate Wangari Maathai, who links the rights and development of women to respect for the environment

  4. I have been a Freelance Consultant for the W omen’s Development Cooperative Society of Sri Lanka which has more than 60,000 thousand economically and socially handicapped women as members in 160 branches all over the country. It is managed by women them selves and so far done revolutionary changes for their upliftment without any government support. It has demomstrated how women can face life challenges if they are empowered through cooperation and proper guidance with participatory approach and democratic principles. This experience is an example for the entire world.

    • Jan 05
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    I suggest Dr.Shershah Syed name from Pakistan, having post graduate degree from Royal College of London in the field of obstratric & gynecology. He is actively involved to advocate for women’s health issues specially for poor and marginalized women suffering from Fistula like morbidity in Pakistan for more than 20 years. He gets special training on repair of VVF & RVF fistula from Addis Ababa-Ethiopia. Since then he start a fistula center in Karachi where free services are provided to all fistula patients. He is the first person who took initiative to train an army of midwives to serve in their local community. He wrote/ translates more then 15 books on midwifery education which are taught in all midwifery schools of Pakistan. In 2009 his commitment for training of nursing/midwifery tutors was selected by Clinton Global Initiative, from Pakistan.  He has a vast experience of working with civil society and a well known woman Right Activist in the country. He is a Founder member of Amnesty International Pakistan.

    • Jan 05
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  5. Beyond the fact that she delivered a lot for women througt out her progessive responsabilities (ActionAid, Society for Women Against Aids in Africa, Great Involvment of Persons living with HIV/Aids, CNLS Burundi and at the Global Fund for Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIV/Aids) she likes very much to dedicate her life for women in need.

    • Jan 06
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    The Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria (MWAN), is a non- governmental, non sectarian, non political and non- profit making organization, was established in 1976 and has grown over the years with now 25 States Branches . It is a national organization of female medical and dental doctors, which provide a forum, where women doctors and dentists discuss common concerns and deliberate on health issues especially of women and children. In the past 34 years of her existence, MWAN has established over 5 well women centers and has screened over 20,000 women.
    The objective of the Association is Achieving and maintaining health for all women and children with emphasis on Women’s Right to Health Information WORTHI and Protecting the Health and Rights of Women and Children.  The dynamism of our association is expressed in the numerous projects in all the communities where we are present.
    -  Promoting the health of women and children in Nigeria by organizing outreach programs to women (Prisons, Market places, Motherless babies homes , Health awareness campaign, Public health education, Screening for diabetes, Hypertension, Cervical/Breast Cancer for women)
    -  Sensitization workshops on Women’s Reproductive Health and Rights in all local government areas in the States of the federation where we have presence.
    The Campaign - Focus on women’s Enlightenment and Access to health
    The campaign slogan is “WORTHI CAMPAIGN”. The core demand is that every woman has the right to seek for health information, which should be obtained at the primary health care, taking into account, in theory and practice, women’s reproductive and sexual health needs.
    Our campaign to “PROTECT THE RIGHT OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN” under the umbrella of “ WORTHI”  which is a “SAFE MOTHERHOOD” issue is focusing on getting women’s needs highlighted at all levels of health policymaking and programs in Nigeria since Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria sees this as an avenue to reducing the scourge of Maternal and Infant Mortality and Morbidity.
    Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria have broadened her campaign through our “The Strategic Women Groups Alliance” to include other social movements that may not have women’s health and reproductive and sexual rights as a central focus. We believe that including a wider range of groups will build better solidarity and strengthen our demands of reversing international and National health and other policies that have a negative impact on women’s reproductive and sexual health and rights and women’s access to health and to health care.
    As the National President of Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria,I think that the association considering all that she does and will continue to do towards achieving better care for women and children which will ultimately reduce mortality and morbidity, should be considerd

    • Jan 06
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    Dr. Thoraya Ahmed Obaid, Saudi Arabi, Retired Executive Director of UNFPA, has to be one of the top 100 advocates for women’s health and rights. Both in a leadership role but also as a practitioner she has dedicated almost all her work life to deliver for women!!!

    • Jan 06
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    I recommend Dr Mrs Ngozi Okeke, president Diocese on the Niger Women’s Ministries. this ministry sees the welfare of women,girls/teenagers and also has a motherless babies home where they nurture abandoned kids. they also go to hotels and prostitute centers to minister to young girls and establish those who gave up the trade. they take care of widows and sponsor a lot of boys and girls in to school. they are on the project of establishing 98 health centers in their different location for easy access of medication to the women.

  6. Miss Tara Tuladhar is first Midwife from India in 1953 to establish Maternity hospital in Nepal and her contribution is very much important to save the mother and children in Nepal.-
    ——Sanu Tuladhar,the past President of Nursing Association of Nepal at present working as a Principalin Kathmandu Model Hospital ,School of Nursing .

  7. Another Person I would like to recommend a nurse Ms Mohan Badan Tamrakar who had been worked in Maternity Hospital as life long for saving the Mothers and children.

  8. Dr Hermengild Mayunga is working as Program Director with Orphans Relief Services in Tanzania. Since in 1999 he has been working tireless. To campaign against Increase Maternal mortality rate especially in Rural communities in Tanzania he has done great job during Campaigns of Mother lost and Mother saved in Tanzania

  9. I recommend Dr Hermengild Mayunga of ORES Tanzania Organization in Tanzania. he has done excellent work when he met with us, Some members of parliament last year in July 2009. and asked us to support the Campaign of Mother saved in Tanzania

  10. Robert Engelman, Vice President for Programs of the Worldwatch Institute in Washington, DC, delivers! He’s been a powerful advocate for women’s reproductive rights and is author of “More: Population, Nature and What Women Want.”

  11. Dr Catherine Hamlin, now 87 years old and still operating on women who suffer from Obstetric Fistula. came to Ehtiopia in 1959 with her husband and established the Fistula Hospital, now world renouned. More than 50 years of service to women, with love and care.

  12. Annette Bennett, is the founder of the Hamlin College of Midwives. Started as a prevention initiative to end Obstetric Fistula by training highly skilled midwives selected from and returned to rural Ethiopia. She has been working on this for the past 5 years.
    before coming to Ethiopia Annette spent 10 years establishing and running a maternal health clinic for Refugee women in Cairo Egpyt. Ensuring safe delivery and post natal follow up.

    • Jan 08
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    Dr Fred Sai, Chairman Ghana Population Council.

    He truly advocates and preaches solutions for women at a local level despite his international stature!

  13. I agree with Samara (above) - Rachel Zaslow of Earth Birth should definitely be on the list. Helping women give birth safely is critical to women’s health.

    • Jan 08
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    I think all the nurses who work in maternal child health deliver. Each one is committed to care of both mother and baby. I am late getting started on the isssue of global maternal health but want to communicate with all of you. This is for a project for my doctoral program as well as to address the needs of this population and to question how I might help.

    • Jan 08
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    I would like to hear from any MCH nurse.

  14. Midwife Rachel Zaslow has helped to drastically reduce perinatal mortality among war effected women in Northern Uganda. Her organization has built a network of clinics that focus on the sharing of skills, sustainable resources and community learning. The birth clinics have outcomes that are 20x better than the WHO average for the area. Ms. Zaslow is a visionary working to deliver for women!

  15. r. kagiri sulaiman, the chairman , founder and coordinator of kagiri community development youth project(KCDP) .SINCE THE INCEPTION OF KCDP HE WORK HARD to uplift the youth / women development through education , culture and religion . He pick up children from the street , poor families , helps children living with disabilities , provides relief and medical assistance to needy people supported by the local community members. The number of supported mothers who calling at KCDP OFFICES ranging between 30-50 and also provides finacial and technical support to children who are under age since 2004 t—date about 250 benefitted AND STILL BENEFITING from without limit.
    i therefore reccommend him for his contrebution towards the Ugandan community.

  16. I recommend Dr H
    Mayunga of ORES Tanzania he has been doing great Job in Rural Tanzania, He has been successful conducting the Mother Saved Campaign and Bring awareness community.

  17. I joined other ORES Tanzania staffs to support Dr Hermengild Mayunga he has done great Job to save mothers in Southern Tanzania

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