WD C Exchange’s Saundra Pelletier on Empowerment & SRH

Last week, Women Deliver Board Member, C Exchange Member and CEO of WomanCare Global Saundra Pelletier appeared in an interview with Mike Walter on CCTV America, the American branch of CCTV News in China. In the interview segment, Walter and Pelletier discussed the importance of prioritizing sexual and reproductive health, particularly within the broader scope of global development.

Pelletier highlighted the benefits that are visible in families and societies when women have the ability to determine if, when, and how many children they will have. “When women are empowered with the diginity of choice, they contribute more to the workforce and they’re able to look at the quality of life of their own children and make sure they have education,” said Pelletier. “So, there’s a true dollar and cents around really empowering women with access to safe, affordable contraception.”

Regarding the current state of philanthropy and nonprofits, Pelletier called for better metrics and research. “I do think, around sexual and reproductive health and rights, we need to get a lot more focused on showing our wins and sharing them the world,” she told Walter.

Walter asked for information on WomanCare Global, and Pelletier highlighted the Maximizing Healthcare Provider Performance™ (MAX) project, which is designed to improve healthcare providers’ knowledge base around contraceptives with the goal of maximizing contraceptive options offered to women. So far, the project has been implemented among more than 300 providers in Kenya and South Africa, and true measurable change is taking place.

For Pelletier, the work is far from over. “I just want to ignite more people,” she said.

Watch the interview here.

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