The Lancet Launches Report on Investing in Health

In recognition of the 20th anniversary of the 1993 World Development Report, the Lancet commission revisited the case for investing in health. As a result of their findings, the commission developed a new investment framework to reach substantial health gains by 2035. The framework, along with key recommedations, is included with the report Global Health 2035: A World Converging within a Generation, launched today at events in London, Johannesburg and Tunis.

The report calls for global action on closing health gaps through a "grand convergence", a bold new strategy to bring preventable infectious, maternal and child deaths in low- and middle-income countries down to universally low levels within a generation. The report also outlines cost-effective strategies for achieving major reductions in non-communicable diseases. The Global Health 2035 agenda will be driven by innovation in global health technology, systems and policies, particularly ones which target infectious diseases and maternala and child health challenges.

Learn more and watch the livestream of the launch event here.

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