New Partnerships for Improved Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health

The Alliance for Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn Health, which is a unique partnership that aims to accelerate progress towards improved reproductive, maternal, and child health outcomes, is pleased to announce the publication of two Partnership Profiles. These profiles were developed through a collaborative process among the four Alliance founding partners: USAID, DFID, AusAID and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Partnership Profile series intended to highlight innovative and catalytic partnerships among donors, governments and implementing partners.

  • Partnership Profile #1 examines the genesis and impact of Kenya’s Reproductive Health Donor Harmonization Group, an evolving partnership that has contributed significantly to both national priority-setting processes and internal strategic planning.
  • Partnership Profile #2 outlines a set of government-led, multi-stakeholder priority-setting processes conducted in six Asia-Pacific countries.  These Implementation Analyses offered country partners the opportunity to consolidate existing information, identify key successes and gaps, promote collective action, and cross-national learning.

Please keep a look out for the next set of Partnership Profiles in the coming months!

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