More Than 600 People in Stockholm March Against Maternal Mortality

RSFU_prams.jpgThe Unite for Women campaign was launched by RFSU, the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education, to shine a spotlight on maternal mortality. This past International Women’s Day, March 8th, the campaign culminated with more than 600 people marching with prams to show solidarity and support to all the women all over the world who have not had the same possibilities to choose a pregnancy and have access to safe maternal health care as mothers in Sweden.

The message of the campaign was: "Take space with your pram for a good cause on the 8th. On that day, RFSU handed over a list of demands to the Minister of Development Cooperation Gunilla Carlsson. The minister said that such a massive support for maternal health was helpful for her in her dialogue with other political leaders.

Åsa Regner, secretary general RFSU said, “We want to make International Women’s Day a political day that is characterized by solidarity with the women of the world. When any woman, irrespective of where she lives, finds out she is pregnant, her first thoughts should not be about fear and death.”

The RFSU demands that the Swedish government actively and publicly works to ensure:
1. That the problem of maternal death is a priority issue for all political leaders of the world and not only an issue for development cooperation.
2. That leaders of the wealthier nations secure the additional $10 per OECD citizen needed in order to decrease maternal mortality by 70%.
3 That leaders understand that it’s a pressing global issue that unsafe abortions result in the death of women and that the right to choose an abortion is a human right.
4. That countries that receive Swedish development aid should have an action plan to decrease maternal health, a plan that includes access to contraceptives, information, safe abortion and obstetric care.

Learn more about RSFU’s maternal mortality programs here.
For more information on the campaign, click here.

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    Very kind of you to let the voices of women in developing countries like Kenya where am from,be heard as far as Sweden.  I know that one day (hopefully in my lifetime) myself and other women in Kenya will enjoy the same rights and access to quality sexual and reproductive health services as those in your country.  Thank you once again Women Deliver for the opportunity to attend the 2010 conference.

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