Jill W. Sheffield: Fighting for Moms Worldwide

This week, Jill W. Sheffield, President of Women Deliver, was profiled by Adam Phillips in a news article and audio podcast on Voice of America. The profile highlights Sheffield’s longstanding dedication to the field of maternal health, starting with her volunteer work at a Nairobi, Kenya family planning clinic in the 1960s and leading up to the upcoming Women Deliver 2010 conference in Washington, DC.

"I feel really strongly about the fact that women have rights like other people," Sheffield says, "and that they shouldn't die early in their life, giving life."

To learn about Sheffield’s lifelong journey to fight for the health of girls and women around the world, read the Voice of America article, and listen to the podcast.

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    • Mar 18
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    Hats off to Jill Sheffield for her continued commitment to the health and well being of women everywhere!  Women and certainly “moms” are the ultimate multi-taskers and they work hard – all over the globe.  Jill is right—women shouldn’t have to die giving life.  Women also shouldn’t have to die at the hands of gender violence, they shouldn’t have to suffer discrimination that denies them an education and the opportunities to make healthy choices in their lives and they shouldn’t have to suffer the indignity of having ignorant often uninformed men and women make their reproductive health choices.  But they do so we all need to work harder to make sure those people in positions of power, i.e. governments, ministries, medical institutions, physicians, etc. are informed with accurate up-to-date health information so that they can become advocates for the many girls, women, and moms who do not have a voice.  The June 2010 Women Deliver conference will provide a platform to hear that voice.  May the voices be amplified and travel far and wide.  Thanks Jill for continuing the good fight!

  1. i luv all the ideas brought out to fight for women and youth cos am also an advocate for youth so i think it’s a good work done

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