ICEC Releases New Advocacy Brief on Emergency Contraception

Today, the International Consortium for Emergency Contraception (ICEC) announced the released a new advocacy brief entitled “The Unfinished Agenda: Next Steps to Increase Access to Emergency Contraception". The brief presents a summary of data collected by ICEC and partners on global emergency contraceptive access, including country-level policies and practices, availability across sectors, and awareness of EC among women and providers. Overall, the data suggest that while the past twenty years have seen a dramatic increase in EC availability, access remains limited, especially in developing countries.

Based on ICEC's findings, the brief outlines eight priority areas for ongoing action:

  1. Disseminate accurate information about EC to dispel myths and misperceptions among policymakers, health care providers, and women and communities.
  2. Create supportive national policy environments for EC by allowing over-the-counter access, incorporating EC into family planning guidelines, and integrating EC into public sector health systems.
  3. Integrate EC into the family planning components of provider training, including pre-service training and ongoing professional development for pharmacists, doctors, nurses, mid-wives, and other providers.
  4. Increase EC awareness and demand among women and communities through behavior change communication activities and other community-based interventions.
  5. Provide EC in all instances of post-rape care by implementing and enforcing policies requiring EC counseling and provision to sexual assault survivors.
  6. Make EC routinely available in all crisis settings.
  7. Incorporate EC more fully into existing social marketing programs.
  8. Define and fill knowledge and research gaps on EC access.

Read the full brief here.

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