Graça Machel on Recognizing Women’s Rights

Akimbo, the blog for the International Women's Health Coalition, just posted a fantastic video interview with Graça Machel, a renowned advocate for women's and children's rights. In the video she talks about women's lack of rights and equality around the world. She says: "Governments believe that women can wait. Even if women are dying." We know what to do to save over 500,000 women a year who die during pregnancy and childbirth. We just need the political will to do it. 

Machel goes on to say: "Sexuality education is not a luxury. It’s a must. If you want your child, a boy or a girl, to have a healthy life, to be able to make the right choices, and to have a long life, then, as a parent, you have to talk to your child about sexuality. We have to empower young people to know and be comfortable to make the right choices."


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