Dreaming of a World without Maternal Deaths

These seed grants were funded by Johnson & Johnson and WomanCare Global via the Women Deliver C Exchange Youth Initiative.

By: Numfor Alenwi Munteh, Cameroon Agenda for Sustainable Development (CASD)

I dream of a world where every woman can consciously plan and space her pregnancies, and each baby is delivered safely and in good health. However, the reality in many developing countries plays more like a nightmare.

In my home country of Cameroon, nearly 14 percent of deaths among women of reproductive age are due to maternal causes, compared to 1.5 percent in the United States and 0.5 percent in Switzerland. Globally, almost 800 women die every day due to preventable complications in pregnancy and childbirth. Ending maternal deaths will not be easy, but I’ve made it my mission to conquer this challenge.

Thanks to the Women Deliver Young Leaders program, I’ve made strides to realize my dream on a daily basis. As a Young Leader, I’ve benefited from C-Exchange Seed Grants to launch “Adolescent Pregnancies-Traditional Rulers Speak Out (AP-TRSO),” which works to shift community paradigms on adolescent pregnancy, and helps give girls a chance to become women. When girls reach adulthood, they are also more likely to have the information and resources they need to have safe, planned pregnancies, which can ultimately reduce maternal injuries and death.

Youth-led projects like AP-TRSO change the world because of the remarkable passion and energy youth bring to sustainable development. We need to ensure youth everywhere are given opportunities to set and achieve goals and contribute to their communities. The more we empower youth, the closer we will be to realizing our dreams.

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