Corporate Buzz: Johnson & Johnson Supports Maternal Health Trainings in Nigeria

By: Denis Robson, Director of African Affairs, Johnson & Johnson

Despite the quiet and formal surroundings of Dr. Aminu Mai’s office, matters of birth and death are always at the front of his mind. As an obstetrician in Nigeria, where one expectant mother dies every 10 minutes through no fault of her own, Dr. Mai spends a lot of time thinking about how closely the two events are linked – and how important it is that the country’s birth attendants receive updated information and training to save lives.

For more than a century, Johnson & Johnson has partnered to advance the health and well-being of mothers and children around the world. Three years ago, we developed a collaboration with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) and Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, to enhance the skills and capacity of birth attendants in Nigeria.  

“This training is the only scheme structured to deliver results,” Dr. Mai said during my last visit, “and the training has come at the right time.” Our discussions highlighted the sad fact that approximately 54,000 women die each year in Nigeria from complications caused during pregnancy and childbirth.

The training Dr. Mai described was a three-day programme for midwives and medical doctors providing emergency obstetric care. It was designed to enable them to identify and manage birth complications in a timely, effective and woman-friendly manner.

A multidisciplinary team of volunteer obstetricians, drawn from the Nigerian Diaspora practicing in the UK, worked with local trainers here to facilitate the course, which took place under the banner, “Making It Happen.” It involved periods of classroom theory coupled with interactive training sessions where students were able to learn on practical models.

The volunteer instructors were keen to transfer skills to their home country, and the students were equally excited about the continuing medical education. “The ABC’s of resuscitation that I was taught on the course helped me save a distressed baby’s life this month,” said one nurse midwife at the Maitama Hospital who graduated from the last course.

Witnessing these health workers strengthen their skills and learn new ones in a safe, encouraging environment, I began to understand Dr. Mai’s confidence that all will be well when they return to the wards. The participants on the course left each training session energized and ready to improve the care they give to mothers and newborns.

I was impressed with the dedication and thirst for knowledge and skills that allowed the class to show significant improvement after the training, and grateful to the LSTM and Johnson & Johnson for supporting local health workers in their quest to save maternal and newborn lives.

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