Coalition for Women Deliver, India

A few months ago, Deepali Gaur Singh wrote a piece on the Huffington Post about maternal mortality in India and Women Deliver's efforts to improve maternal health in this region. As the author says:

The Taj Mahal - one of the eternal symbols of love - is a mausoleum erected by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his favorite queen, Mumtaz Mahal, who died of complications related to childbirth after having delivered 14 children. Even today, despite leaps in medical research and technology, thousands of women in the country continue to die during childbirth, and, even more tragically, unremembered and mostly unaccounted for. In India every seven minutes a maternal death occurs;  more than 75,000 women die each year in India alone.

Singh also writes about the coalition for Women Deliver, India:

One of the critical goals is to strengthen local partnerships while addressing high maternal mortality in the country. Why local partnerships? While funds and policy commitments are in place, it is at the level of actual implementation that gaps appear.  The problem remains the absence of skilled health workers and medical personnel at the community and district level, further undermining strong policy commitments towards the reduction of maternal deaths.


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