Coalition Calls on U.K. Parliamentarians to Ensure Maternal Health Funding Pledges Are Fulfilled

A network of professional and civil society organizations are urging Ministers  of Parliament in the United Kingdom to use their “unique powers of advocacy, scrutiny, debate, legislation, budget setting, and monitoring” to ensure the government fulfills its funding pledges toward maternal and child health.

 “Manifesto for Motherhood” asks parliamentarians to increase financing for maternal, newborn, and child health by and remain on track to spend 0.7 percent of GDP on all overseas development assistance by 2013. The coalition also asks parliamentarians to show international leadership on sexual and reproductive health and rights by fulfilling recent aid commitments, like the £2.1 billion pledged for women’s and children’s health at the 2010 G8 Summit in Muskoka, Canada.   It also asks political leaders to place maternal, newborn, and child health “at the heart of health” services by making maternal, newborn, and child mortality key measures of the Department of International Development’s performance on health system functioning. 

The coalition is composed of 20 civil society organizations, including Save the Children, Women and Children First U.K., and Water Aid. To read specific recommendations for U.K.’s political leaders, click here.

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  1. Great work and great updates WD Team. I am happy to read more on successful models from ongoing engagements with Politicians

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