Celebrate Solutions: Proof You Can Change the World

By: Tyler LePard, Catapult

With so much bad news lately (Israel-Gaza, the sexual assault and beating of a 17-year-old girl at Comic-Con, the ebola epidemic, the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on the Hobby Lobby case…), sometimes it can feel like the world is a dark and hopeless place. But there’s a bright light shining at Catapult—we’ve received an overwhelming number of one-year reports from Catapult projects, showing donors how their money was spent and the impact they’ve contributed to. It’s heartening to see evidence that small actions can add up to real change for girls and women around the world.

Do you care about improving maternal health? Check out these amazing reports:

How about fighting street harassment and violence against women? We’ve got plenty of results to share:

Or maybe it’s girls education that gets you fired up:

That’s only three categories -- there’s so much more! As of July 31, we have 73 projects with their final reports posted and more are coming in every day. See what happens when individuals come together online to make a difference for girls and women worldwide. Taking action feels good, doesn’t it?!

We can’t fix everything in the world right now (though we should still try), but we can support organizations that are making a real impact and getting results.

Keep up the good work by finding a new project that you care about and donating!

Photo via Roots of Health

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