Celebrate Solutions: Shining a Light on Rural Honduras

By: Joanna Hoffman, Women Deliver

In Honduras, one out of every three homes is shrouded in darkness, with no form of electricity. For 2.5 million rural Honduras, dangerous kerosene lamps or candles are the only forms of light they can rely on at night. The kerosene lamps lead to increased risks of house fires, exposure to deadly air pollution, and are expensive. This is especially problematic for health workers in rural areas, who only have these lamps to light their way when attending to women during childbirth.

Trees, Water and People has been working with Asociación Hondureña para el Desarrollo (AHDESA) to find a solution to this problem by distributing high-quality, low-cost solar lights, solar PV systems and solar mobile phone chargers to rural Hondurans. These products reduce fuel costs and indoor pollution from kerosene. Through partnerships with small businesses, women’s cooperatives and local entrepreneurs, outreach has been expanded while keeping costs affordable.

Funding from Catapult allowed Trees, Water and People to purchase 1,000 solar lighting systems, 600 of which were sent to Honduras for distribution through 125 individual vendors and 20 institutional distributors. This delivery has arrived just in time for promotion during the holiday season, which also corresponds with the yearly crop harvest.

Trees, Water and People is currently working to purchase larger quantities of solar lights and improve their supply chain’s efficiency. They are generating employment, new income streams, and clean energy for people in Honduras and throughout Central America. Thanks to their efforts, and to the funding received through Catapult, a future is in sight when no rural family will be left in the dark.

Photo via Trees, Water and People

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