Celebrate Mother’s Day: News Round-Up

Did you see all the amazing Mother’s Day articles that called attention to global maternal health and the need to provide for the hundreds of thousands of mothers who die in pregnancy and childbirth every year? Below are some of the highlights. A big thank you to every journalist, blogger, and author who chose to celebrate Mother's Day by drawing attention to the problem of maternal mortality around the world.

The Huffington Post has a “Countdown to Mother’s Day” series that has fantastic blogs from authors like Christy Turlington Burns, Thoraya Obaid, and Theresa Shaver. Check out the full series here, or read the individual authors:

Nicholas Kristof dedicated his op-ed this week to “Celebrate: Save a Mother.” As he writes in his article, “…let’s also think about moving the apostrophe so that it becomes not just Mother’s Day, honoring a single mother, but Mothers’ Day — an occasion to try to help other mothers around the globe as well."

Christy Turlington Burns wrote an op-ed for the Globe and Mail of Canada that asks policymakers to “Pull down the barriers to maternal health care access.” She discusses the case of Lightness, a 16-year-old girl from Tanzania who experience life-threatening complications while Turlington Burn was filming her documentary on maternal health. As she says in her piece, “I invite all mothers who have survived pregnancy to urge our global leaders at this summer’s G8/G20 summit to renew their commitments to Lightness and all of the other young women like her. Without all of us coming together on the issue of improved maternal health, there will be no lasting success. No woman should die giving life.”

On Politico, Senators Chris Dodd and Bill Frist co-authored an op-ed on “Honoring mothers worldwide.” As they write in their article, “But let's not forget to honor mothers worldwide. They nurture the future by giving children a basic security that no military could ever match. In some parts of the world, however, motherhood is far more dangerous than war.”

Ban Ki-moon wrote an opinion piece published in the Mercury News. "Opinion: Women shouldn't die giving birth"

Finally, Tamar Abrams reflects on her own motherhood in her article, “Mothers shouldn’t have to fear for their lives.” She writes, “While my biggest fear during pregnancy was that I wouldn’t master breastfeeding, in many parts of the world pregnant women fight against appalling odds that they--or their babies--won’t survive labor and delivery."

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