Catapult Earns Recognition for Supporting Girls and Women

After debuting on the International Day of the Girl in October 2012, Catapult has been recognized as a top-tier tool for social good. Catapult, a crowd-funding platform for girls and women and a project of Women Deliver, has more than 70 projects representing nearly forty countries.

Check out the impact Catapult is having on the lives of girls and women:

Catapult is one of five innovative development projects using social media and mobile technologies to catch The Guardian’s attention.

College student Lily Womble is passionate about sending girls to school. She says that Catapult has made that possible.

Catapult provides an opportunity to showcase solutions for girls and women in one place and invites the public to take action according to their preferences.

Million Moms Challenge named ‘Girls Rights and Education’ as one of the top triumphs for 2012, naming Catapult as a way to get involved in the initiative and keep the momentum going in 2013.

Catapult was honored to be listed as one of 12 must-see innovations that are changing the face of “doing good.”

Bill and Melinda Gates highlighted Catapult as one of five impactful charities, all of which are “innovative, committed to transparency and accountability and they’re getting good results.”

On Bill Gates’ personal blog, he and Melinda Gates shared their top platforms for giving back. Catapult made the list!

Learn more about what Catapult does and how you can get involved through their website.


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