Nominations are no longer being accepted, but please stay tuned for Phase 2 of the campaign. Online voting will begin February 22nd.  

Every year, in conjunction with International Women’s Day, Women Deliver celebrates the progress made on behalf of girls and women worldwide. Our Women Deliver 100 list in 2011, which featured 100 of the most inspiring people who have delivered for girls and women, was covered by over 100 traditional and new media sources. This year, to continue the momentum, we are spotlighting the top 50 inspiring ideas and solutions that deliver for girls and women. We would love to hear what you think are the most innovative, impactful, and promising advancements in overcoming gender inequality. 

These advancements could have been made by an individual, governments, the private sector, or civil society, but they must have helped to improve the condition of girls and women around the world, in one or more of the following 5 categories:

  • Technologies and Innovations
  • Educational Initiatives
  • Health Modernization
  • Advocacy and Awareness Campaigns
  • Leadership and Empowerment Programs

Examples of inequities that the solutions may have addressed include, but are not limited to: Violence Against Women; Sex Trafficking; Child Marriage; Political Processes; Maternal Health; Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights; HIV/AIDS, Lesbian; Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights; Economic Inequity; or Female Genital Mutilation.


Once all nominations have been received, a selection committee of experts and advocates from leading global NGOs and foundations will choose 25 per category. Voting opens on February 20th, and the Top 50 (10 winners per category) will be announced on March 7th. The winners from each category will be featured prominently on Women Deliver's website, through the selection committee's social media portals, and at the Women Deliver 2013 conference in Kuala Lumpur.


  • Advancements may include projects, programs, technologies, initiatives, or campaigns launched anywhere in the world
  • Solution or Idea must have been implemented in the last five years
  • Can be grassroots or global in scale (example: community initiative or global technology)
  • If the solution has been ongoing for more than a year, please provide quantitative and qualitative data that demonstrates results
  • If the idea is in the early stages of implementation, please include an explanation of why it will be effective
  • Please provide website (if applicable) and references

Selection Committee:

Chair: Jill Sheffield, Founder and President of Women Deliver
Jimmie Briggs, Founder and Executive Director of Man Up
Cory Heyman, Chief Program Officer at Room to Read
Josh Nesbit, CEO of Medic Mobile
Amie Newman, Communications Officer and Editor of the Impatient Optimist at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Lyric Thompson, Special Assistant to the President at the International Center for Research on Women
Michael Tirrell, Communications Manager for Media and Public Affairs at Marie Stopes International

Thank you in advance for you submissions!

Entry Comments

  1. Thank you for giving a voice to women who face death in order to give life.

  2. We would like to contribute for the empowerment and leadership of women and girls.

  3. Thank you for providing women with platform and chance to express their innovative ideas and work for women development in multiple fields across the world.

    • Feb 01
    • .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    a woman who knows the hand of or has suffered injustice will never let another suffer the same fate,let us unit and end gender based violence.continue the good work

  4. Caring, Sharing and Understanding Science of Breastfeeding could be a pathway to improve Maternal and Child Health specially baby girl who faces great responsibilities in life

    • Feb 03
    • .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    Humanity is reality and reality is humanity all strategies and Initiatives towards improving well being of Women and Girls from Women Deliver gives reflection of both Humanity as well as Reality.


  6. I nominated an idea I am intending to implement.. I find this to be an important issue that is affecting women in Sri Lanka, particulary rural villages like my hometown.  Many men, husbands take their wives for granted and are forced to beileve that women at birth are given the sole responsbility of taking care of household chores and raising kids. This is no suprising to a community like mine, where family ties and culturally defined boundaries yet remain strong and unchallenged. This needs to change. women need to have a power over their voices and have their say even in male dominated societies. Politically courrupt entities are supporting the agenda that men and the patriotic community has put forward years back. The only way as young women, we can do is to encourage young people to become active sole agents by thinking out of the box. and come up with strategies to influence political entities or local authorities through people itself in the form of signatory campaigns etc.. Looking at the number of people who often taken into the streets to stand against injustice in Sri Lanka allows me to think that this is a powerful tool to voice one’s concerns and ideas to initiate change. The youth is powerful here, with a strong mind and apporach, their energy needs to be chanelled to positive ways that can benefit the society.This is what I feel a country like us that is recovering after the turmoil of war needs. More often women turn a blind eye to the truth or are ignornat of the suffering of their sisters, mothers in other parts of the country that are undergoing torture in silence.. A voice needs to be given to the unheard, while they should be empowered to take action to the rising unseen violence in the country.

    • Feb 09
    • .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    Great!!! such actions would give opportunity to share their success and also voices to the voice less.

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