A Panomaric View of Asia: Campaign hits newsstands today

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The second edition in Mediaplanet's "Investing in the Developing World" series hit newsstands in select markets of USA Today this morning, transporting readers to the Asian continent.

The "Investing in Asia" publication will traverse the human landscape of globalization, presenting a panorama of life on the continent.  With the support of CARE, Women Deliver, Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), Water Missions International, Opportunity International, Mercy Corps, American Indian Foundation, Give2Asia, Management Sciences for Health, IntraHealth, Church World Service, Developments in Literacy, and International Institute for Rural Reconstruction, Mediaplanet will take readers on a journey from the valleys of the Hindu Kush to the peak of Mount Everest, from the haves to the have-nots, in order to portray the reality of life on the continent.

A voice for the voiceless

"Just 50 years ago nations like South Korea, China and India were among the world's poorest. Today South Korea is one of the world's richest, China is the world's factory and India's middle-class will soon be larger than the entire U.S. population," explains CARE's CEO, Dr. Helene Gayle. "Despite these economic gains, Asia still faces a serious challenge.  You know that old expression 'a rising tide lifts all boats'? It's not quite true. Not everyone in Asia has benefited from the continent's rapid economic development."

Asia is a continent that has seen vast modernization and dynamic economic growth over the past few decades, but ironically, it houses two-thirds of the world's population that is living beneath the poverty line.  Looking at Asia through an economic lens, the publication will bring into focus the systemic issues of poverty: lack of access to safe drinking water, gender inequality, human trafficking, disaster susceptibility, migration, and inadequate healthcare – all of which fuel the grueling cycle of poverty.

For these people who have not been swept up in the positive tide of change, the publication will address these urgent needs.

Please click here to view the full publication: "Investing in Asia"

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    Wonderful publication. Perhaps the pitch by external aid agencies could have been tempered by recognizing the hundreds of local organizations that drive change without this aid, and will change their country(ies) long after international agencies hastily depart. Give credit and make them shine. Not advertise foreign aid via INGOs as the solution.

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