$63 Billion Budgeted for the US Global Health Initiative

The United States released an updated budget for the Global Health Initiative (GHI) showing plans to invest $63 billion over six years (2009-2014) to help partner countries improve health outcomes through strengthened health systems - with a particular focus on improving the health of women, newborns and children through programs including infectious disease, nutrition, maternal and child health, and safe water. 

According to the US government, the GHI model will be based on: implementing a woman- and girl-centered approach; increasing impact and efficiency through strategic coordination and integration; strengthening and leveraging key partnerships, multilateral organizations, and private contributions; encouraging country ownership and investing in country-led plans; improving metrics, monitoring and evaluation; and promoting research and innovation.

As Serra Sippel, President of CHANGE, wrote in her Huffington Post article on the GHI, “It is the first comprehensive U.S. policy approach to global health that recognizes that our greatest plagues – HIV/AIDS, maternal and infant mortality, and poor sexual and reproductive health – are all interconnected, and they are all preventable.”

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  • Read the full consultation document here. Comments on this consultation document can be sent to The deadline for comments is February 22, 2010.