2012 Population Awards Presented in New York

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has presented the 2012 Population Award to both Adrienne Germain, and the Federation of Reproductive Health Association Malaysia (FRHAM). The award, which was established in 1981, is given to individuals and institutions that have made outstanding contributions to population concern and their solutions.

Ms. Germain, who has been a leader at Population Council, the Ford Foundation, and the International Women’s Health Coalition, was recognized for being the first scholar to develop the concept of reproductive health and linking fertility and population policies with the status of women.

FRHAM is an IPPF Member Association and a Malaysian non-governmental organization (NGO) that works to educate Malaysians in family planning and responsible parenthood, by promoting and supporting effective family planning and sexual reproductive health services. The NGO has been in operation for over 50 years. In that time period, it has expanded its activities to reach disadvantaged communities, including refugees, sex workers, transsexual and other marginalized youth. FRHAM has also been making their publications on reproductive health issues available in multiple languages.

Malaysia is the site of the Women Deliver 2013 Global Conference, from May 28-30. Information about the Conference is available here, and registration has opened at

Flickr photograph via edmundyeo.

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