A New Era for the Health of Women, Children, and Adolescents

By: Anita Sharma; Originally posted on United Nations Foundation

2015 has the potential to be a historic year. It could be the beginning of the end of extreme poverty. It could be the year the world comes together to finally prevent runaway climate change. And it could be the year that the world decides to prioritize the survival, health, and well-being of women, children, and adolescents everywhere. How can we make sure it becomes a reality? Read More...

Women Make Change: A New Global Documentary Series Highlighting the Impacts of Women

Everywhere around the world women are making tremendous impacts in their communities. At Women Deliver we know that girls and women are the heart of sustainable development, and we think it’s time for their stories to be told. That’s exactly what Al Jazeera English’s Head of Documentaries, Ingrid Falck had in mind when she created the Women Make Change series, which will launch 26 September, tied to the Every Woman Every Child Global Strategy for Women's, Children's and Adolescents' Health. The series takes the viewer to five different countries, and shows the positive ripple effect of what happens when women are actively involved in their economies. Katja Iversen, CEO of Women Deliver, was fortunate enough to get to talk to Ingrid and find out exactly what the motivation was behind the series. Read More...

Placing Girls and Women at the Center of Development - Women Deliver Gears up for UNGA & CGI

By: Brittany Tatum, Women Deliver

Girls and Women are at the heart of development, and if we want to see progress, their health, rights, and wellbeing need to be at the center of discussions. That is the key message from Women Deliver as we move into the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), which both kick into high gear this coming week. This year’s UNGA is especially relevant for us as 193 world leaders commit to the Sustainable Development Goals – 17 Global Goals that aim to accelerate progress and transform development policy, program, and financing through 2030. If the SDGs are going to truly transform our world, it is critical that the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women are at the heart of implementation strategies. Read More...

Celebrate Solutions: Evidence that Innovative Interventions Can Delay Child Marriage

By: Cecilia Zvosec, Women Deliver

What does improving girls’ and women’s health, reducing the risk of HIV, as well as getting more girls to stay in school have in common? They are all issues that could be tackled by ending child marriage.  Every year than 14 million girls worldwide are married before the age of 18. The practice is even extremely common in parts of sub-Saharan Africa, where more than 1 in 10 girls are married before just 15 years of age, and 40% of girls will be married before age 18. Read More...

Europe’s Feminists - Be radical, and Tackle the Root Causes!

By: Marinella Matejcic and Lucía Berro Pizzarossa, Women Deliver Young Leaders

Women in Europe today still face many challenges in the fight for equal rights and access to opportunities: women continue to face barriers to reproductive services, formal employment, and equal political participation, and violence against women remains endemic. As a part of Europe's feminist movement, we have a lot of work to do! Read More...

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