Women: Inspiration & Enterprise (WIE) Symposium

On September 20, White Ribbon Alliance Global Patron Sarah Brown, Mothers Day Every Day Advisor Arianna Huffington and Donna Karan will host the first annual Women: Inspiration & Enterprise (WIE) Symposium for some of the most powerful women in politics, philanthropy, media, fashion and the arts. The WIE Symposium is an opportunity to highlight the ways in which people from all walks of life can contribute to the global effort to put an end to needless deaths from pregnancy and childbirth. In order to ensure that the symposium includes the next generation of powerful women, the WRA has hosted two competitions to support the participation of young champions for women from our National Alliances and from the United States. 50 Young Champions for Women and 7 National Alliance Young Women Advocates were selected to attend the event.

Brief Insights From the Global Maternal Health Conference 2010: Day Two

Written by Kate Mitchell of the Maternal Health Task Force; originally posted at MHTF Blog

Plenary one at the Global Maternal Health Conference in Delhi was about finding common ground amidst two sets of maternal mortality estimates. Much like plenary one, plenary two, Community and facility interventions: reframing the discussion, was also about finding a common ground. It was about closing the divide between those who advocate for community-based care and those who advocate for facility based care–an issue that has caused major debates in the maternal health community for decades. This session was about reframing the discussion from “one or the other” to “both”. Plenary speakers called for an understanding that improving global maternal health must be about striking the right balance–and scaling up evidence-based interventions both at the community level and within facilities.

Click through to read brief insights from the second plenary.

Making Outpatient Abortion Services a Reality

By: Janna Oberdorf, Communications Manager for Women Deliver; originally posted at the MHTF Blog

Every year, an estimated 20 million unsafe abortions take place. And of all maternal deaths, unsafe abortion accounts for 13%. Imagine if we could change that. Imagine if we could make a serious dent in the deaths and morbidities that are caused from botched abortions, from unhygienic surgeries, and from unskilled providers.

Now, imagine if we could change that with a few simple, low-cost pills. That’s what the drugs mifepristone and misoprostol are doing for women around the world.

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