NY Times Article on Fistula

Fistula is a heartbreaking injury. That's why we're happy to see this article in the NY Times Science section this morning that sheds some light on the problem.

UN Reception Highlights Multi-Sector Partnerships in Global Public Health

NEW YORK— Public and private health stakeholders came together at a United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) meeting aimed at advancing progress in strengthening maternal and girls' health, as well as fighting neglected tropical diseases. The event, "Philanthropy and the Global Public Health Agenda," brought leaders from various nations, the global health community, biopharmaceutical companies, the media, and NGOs to highlight the power of partnerships in advancing the global public health agenda.

UN and Pakistan Government Sign $384.7m Plan

The Pakistani government and 14 United Nations agencies working in Pakistan on Thursday signed a $384.7-million agreement for improvements in the health and population sectors in the country.

Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus

UNICEF blogged a great post focused on maternal and neonatal tetanus. Jen Banbury mentions that most people in the US think of tetanus as something you get if you step on a rusty nail. But in the developing world just a decade ago, 30,000 mothers were dying from tetanus each year.

Health Workers Struggling to Do Job

In health facilities across Kenya, many workers are struggling to do their jobs in less-than-ideal conditions. Work climate issues such as poor working environments, unfriendly colleagues, disorganized facility functions and ineffective supervision have been hindering workers’ performance and productivity—and contributing to low retention.

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