Invest in Girls and Women: Everybody Wins

Invest in Girls and Women, Everybody Wins (2014)

The Path to Sustainable Development

This is a new toolkit that pulls together infographics, data points, and key messages to make the case for investing in girls and women. The toolkit presents specific asks and goals related to maternal and newborn health, family planning and reproductive health, women's health, education, and equality, with the aim of providing global partners with a clear course of action to best advocate for the health and well-being of girls and women.

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Infographics featured in the toolkit focus on key issues related to investing in girls and women.

Download the infographics below:

Invest in Maternal and Newborn Health

Download: pdf / jpeg (English); pdf (French); pdf (Portuguese)
Sources: World Health Organization, 2013;
UNICEF, 2013; UNICEF, 2013

Invest in Girls' Education

Download: pdf / jpeg (English); pdf (French); pdf (Portuguese)
Sources: UNESCO, 2013; UNESCO, 2012;
Girls Not Brides, 2013; PMNCH, 2013; UNESCO, 2012

Invest in Family Planning and Reproductive Health

Download: pdf / jpeg (English); pdf (French); pdf (Portuguese)
Sources: The Guttmacher Institute, 2012;
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 2013

Invest in Women's Health

Download: pdf / jpeg (English); pdf (French); pdf (Portuguese)
Sources: UN Women, 2013; Population Reference Bureau, 2003;
World Heart Federation, 2014; Cervical Cancer Free Coalition, 2013; Novo Nordisk, 2013.

Invest in Equality

Download: pdf / jpeg / (English); pdf (French); pdf (Portuguese)
Sources: UNIFEM, 2013; UNESCO, 2011;
CARE, 2013; UNFPA, 2013; WHO, 2013;
UNFPA, 2013; IPU, 2013 (as of Nov 2013;
UN Women, 2013

Invest in Girls and Women: Girls and Women Are
at the Heart of Development

Download: pdf / jpeg (English); pdf (French); pdf (Portuguese)
Sources: Women Deliver, 2010; Plan International, 2009; IMF, 2012; FAO, 2011; UC Berkeley Haas School of Business,2012; USAID, 2012

Invest in Adolescents and Young People

Download: pdf / jpeg (English); pdf (French); pdf (Portuguese)
Sources: Pathfinder International; UNFPA, 2013; WHO, 2013; WHO, 2012; UNICEF, 2011; IPPF

Special thanks to Equipop for translating the French, and P&D Factor - População e Desenvolvimento for translating the Portuguese.