Women's Health

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Sources: UN Women, 2013; Population Reference Bureau, 2003; World Heart Federation, 2014; Cervical Cancer Free Coalition, 2013; Novo Nordisk, 2013

Facts and Figures

Globally, girls and women have less access to health care. Today, women are more likely than men to:

  • Suffer from malnutrition
  •  Experience severe complications from diabetes
  •  Die from heart disease
  • Acquire HIV

By 2030, a half million women will die of cervical cancer, with more than 98% of deaths in developing countries.

Why do women lack access to care?

  • High user fees
  • Severe health worker shortages
  • Spousal abuse & control
  • Spousal
  • Abuse & control

Lifesaving solutions

  • When women have access to comprehensive health services, preventive care, and treatment, it saves lives, time, and money.

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